Company profile

IBK Trade was founded in 1992 in Prague. We specialize in importing, processing, packaging and distribution of a wide range of nuts, dried fruits, seeds and chocolate dipped products.

In our roasting and packing plants in Horní Cerkev, we process over 80 kinds of raw materials and we supply market with more than 1 000 products. All products are sold either in original packaging for further processing by other manufacturers or are processed and packaged by our company in various volumes. Our customers are food stores – from small shops to large multinational chains.

We use advanced production technology and top machines worth millions and offer wide range of options and experience in the area of food processing.

Quality management system - International Food Standard guarantees constant increase in the quality of offered products and the value of services provided. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We are a reliable partner to both our customers and the end-consumer.


Seat of the company

Dolanská 7/337
161 00 Praha
Fax: + 420 565 396 308

IČO: 47590882
DIČ: CZ520330059


Sale Customer service
 Ing. Jiří Rančák Marta Bartoňová
Customer service  
Jana Kačerovská  
Economics department   
Veronika Fialová  
Purchase department Purchase department
Martin Skočdopole Ing. Michal Straka
Purchase department transport
 Filip Ernest  


Warehouse, packing and roasting plant

Havlíčkova 157 
39403 Horní Cerekev, okres Pelhřimov

Phone: + 420 565 396 180
Fax: + 420 565 396 308


Technical and production manager Administration department and human resources
Ing. Lukáš Kratochvíl Pavla Nikodýmová
Quality department  Transport and logistics
Ilona Matiášková  Petr Tomšík
Warehouse Warehouse
Zdeněk Nadrchal Ing. Zdeněk Plášil
+ 420 775 756 748  + 420 775 929 929